Seven n half understand crucial hiring parameters and offer relevant solutions with profitable business proposals for every individual company and staffing firm that helps them to identify best possible talent from the available market.

Contingency is sometimes described as No Win, No Fee (or even No Cure, No Pay). It is what it says on the tin, a service performed by a recruitment company for free until the day a candidate represented by them takes a position with their client.


  • No advance fee. Pay on successful hire
  • Faster results through the identification of active talent
  • Qualitative and Quantitative recommendations
  • No restriction and no commitment for exclusivity (Client can choose more than one firm to perform required search in the market)
  • Employer Branding - Our engagement ensures our candidate learns about all important and quality reasons for choosing our respective client
  • Confidentiality – we understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality when conducting searches for our clients

Retainer Search model help high-end executive search firms get a retainer (up-front fee) to perform a specific search for a corporate officer or other senior executive position.

Through this model, we operate on an exclusive basis meaning the job will only be filled through Seven N Half. Both, retained recruiter and client will take their time and use an agreed methodology to find the best person for the job. The process is usually rigorous with a shortlist of anything from three to ten names being presented before interviews commence. In a perfect world, the retained recruiter will be able to present five candidates with the perfect skills, location, salary etc and all the client has to do is pick the one they like the most.


  • A highly professional, transparent and confidential search process, with clear expectations set through a complete description of how the search will be conducted, fees, and policies.
  • Research and identification of talent landscape and top competitors
  • Identification of passive candidates to target most qualified candidate
  • Confidentiality – we understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality when conducting searches for our clients

Our Contained Search Model is a variation of our Retained Search, whereby an initial service fee is due upon engagement (usually a fat fee or percentage of position salary), with the remainder due upon talent accepting a position with our client’s organization. This type of search is reserved for roles typically at the Manager through Senior Director level, or for smaller companies for whom a Retained Search is not cost effective.

When you engage Seven N Half to conduct a Contained Search on your behalf, you enter into an exclusive agreement where we are the only search firm working to fill your role. We represent our Client Company, not the engaged talent. However, because we have not been fully engaged through our Retained Search, we reserve the right, upon search completion, to retain the talent we have uncovered to add to our database. We will not, however, during the active search process, engage any of the talent identified for our client’s position for any other positions we may have.


  • At par with Retained Search. One-time project initiation fee to get started
  • Directly identify, contact and qualify candidates who are currently doing the job our client has retained us to fill
  • Identify and make contact with the best talent in the marketplace, regardless of location or industry
  • Conduct interviews of all prospective candidates and provide a detail prospectus on each
  • Seven N Half takes on a limited number of engagements at any given time to ensure that our client’s search is a top priority
  • Confidentiality – we understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality when conducting searches for our clients