Seven N Half

Jimmy ia intellectual & caring person who has got a perfect attitude and always takes things from the positive approach. she has been like an angel to the office people. A committed individual with strong vision in life. Jimmy is a process driven person and loves to take the challenges ahead. Has excellent domain knowledge & also enhance the same knowledge. she does her work with all the perfection and efficiency. Though we were not from the same team but still work together for quite a long time with same company. She has zest to learn what is useful to her and to business She has tremendous knowledge in terms of the Recruitment Industry and has always been an excellent mediator between the client and Candidates. Complete blend of positive attitude and hardwork. Knows exactly how to handle the complicated situations with ease. A person who will never say ‘NO’ to whatever work assigned & will come out with some result which would be beyond expectations of all. All the very best for her future assignments. GOOD LUCK!!!!